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About Us

Everybody has a story…Let’s Hear Yours.


Our mission is to give people hope. Not only the hope that you can overcome any obstacle that life throws your way, but also, the hope that you do not have to do it alone. And when the time is right, you can then become a part of something much larger than yourself; you can tell your story and give someone else that same hope to conquer their struggles and live to tell their story.

Company Overview

Let’s Hear Your Story, Inc. (LHYS) is a nonprofit organization, whose primary purpose is to draw out and share the stories of individuals who have conquered life’s obstacles. Each and every person has a story to tell, whether it be about living with a physical disability, struggling through an illness, losing a loved one, battling an addiction, facing financial hardship, or coping with the many twists and turns on our road through life.
By recognizing those who have overcome insurmountable obstacles, we hope to facilitate healing, positive change, and the courage to share our challenging experiences with others, in order to inspire those around us to do the same. It is easier to feel hope when you no longer feel alone.
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