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Motorcycle Wreck By: Dewayne Morgan

On Sept. 8 2009, I was riding my motorcycle and met a car on my side of the road when I hit the car head on. I flew off my motorcycle and into the windshield.  I then flew 100 ft. and landed in a yard. Of all the places to land it was in a nurse’s yard.

She came out of the house and said “you are going to be okay.” I told her I knew I was and that the Lord was going to take care of me, but I needed her to call my wife. I was not really okay. I had 22 broken bones above my waist, my left lung had partially collapsed, my pelvis was broken, and my left leg was broken so badly that bones were sticking through my pants and later had to be taken off 6’’ above my knee. My left arm was almost cut off right above my elbow.

I had a lady pray for me while I was lying on the ground. I knew the Lord would take care of me. I had two main artery’s cut that were bleeding  and I was 100 miles from the trauma center in Memphis. When they called for an air flight team they were only 5 minutes away because of another wreck they had gone to and were not needed. The Lord knew that I would be needing one though.

Upon arriving at The Med in Memphis I was given over 20 units of blood. They told my family if they could get me stable they would start taking off body parts. My family prayed and told the Lord an issue of blood was not a problem in the bible and it was not a problem today and God stopped the blood. They put me on life support while I had to have 9 surgeries. I was told I would lose my arm but God had other plans.  I stayed in the ICU for a month and the Doctors said the the Lord had his hand on me or I would not be here today. I stayed in the hospital for a total of 45 days.

The young women that ran me over was driving under the influence. I had sent her word that I had forgiven her. I had to do this because Jesus had forgiven me because it was my sins that put him on the cross. This young women came to see me at the hospital and I got to lead her to Jesus. You see the devil tried to kill me that day but Jesus had other plans. The Lord has taken something that was bad and made good out it. At the time of the wreck I had no Insurance  and she didn’t either. My hospital bill was around 1.2 mil dollars, but we knew God would help us with this and he has. We should never under estimate the power of God.

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