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My Beautiful, Typical Little Baby By: Darlene Russo

My daughter was born on January 11, 2006.  A beautiful typical little baby, reaching her milestones at 6 months, 12 months, 18 months. Smiling, laughing, dancing.  At 24 months, she was vaccinated with an MMR.  At 27 months, she stopped talking, stopped smiling, would tantrum for hours, would circle the room for six hours, up all night.  I made quite the number of doctor visits, Early Intervention, etc.  By 36 months, she was diagnosed with PDD (autism).  I was shocked!  I immediately researched all about ASD, talked to other parents, read books.  I put her on gluten free casein free diet, gave her supplements, chiropractic care.  She quickly started to come back to me.  Talking again, laughing again, responding to her name, easily redirected.  April 13, 2010 was her Developmental Pediatricians appointment.  The doctor looked at me and said “What did you do? I am removing her diagnosis!”

– January 2009 Diagnosed with PDD
– April 2010 Diagnosis Removed

I now help other parents with children on the spectrum. I help people who want to switch over to a gluten free casein free lifestyle.  This experience has helped me to help others.  For that, I am blessed.

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