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Everybody Has A Story

Each and every person has a story to tell, whether it be about living with a physical disability, struggling through an illness, losing a loved one, battling an addiction, facing financial hardship, or coping with the many twists and turns on our road through life.

By recognizing those who have overcome insurmountable obstacles, we hope to facilitate healing, positive change, and the courage to share our challenging experiences with others, in order to inspire those around us to do the same. It is easier to feel hope when you no longer feel alone.

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Using My Best Friend’s Death as an Advantage By: Katherine Padron

Dedicated To: Gang affiliates, the young minded & people who feel alone or empty. I’ve ran into all types of …

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My Beautiful, Typical Little Baby By: Darlene Russo

My daughter was born on January 11, 2006.  A beautiful typical little baby, reaching her milestones at 6 months, 12 …

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Finding Hope When You Least Expect It

By Anonymous I was going through a really bad day while living in New York years ago. I went to …

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Motorcycle Wreck By: Dewayne Morgan

On Sept. 8 2009, I was riding my motorcycle and met a car on my side of the road when …

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World War II, The Pacific, Malaria, Jungle Rot & Moving On With My Life by: Tony Giammona, WWII Vet, Brooklyn, NY

Things were going very well for me until December 7, 1941. In very short order, I was drafted into the …

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A Touching Letter By: Cindi

From my cousin in Sendai, Japan where she has lived for the past decade teaching English: Hello My Lovely Family …

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I May Have Lost Part of My Leg but I Keep Right On Going By: Nancy

My amputation is just something that represents a “slight” set back in life. Yesterday Oprah’s show was an amputee Mom …

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D-Day and the Cancer Survivor

I have been afflicted with a chronic disorder for decades and get around with the aid of a walker. I …

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A Chance Finding: How This Family Came To Be By: Jo-Ann and Al Vargas

We began our life in foster care in 1996.  It has been a wonderful experience for me and my husband …

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Keep Grasping Just Beyond Your Reach and Never Ever Quit By: Didi

I was born the 6th child of 8 in my family.  My parents were both addicts.  We got our food …

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