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Everybody Has A Story

Each and every person has a story to tell, whether it be about living with a physical disability, struggling through an illness, losing a loved one, battling an addiction, facing financial hardship, or coping with the many twists and turns on our road through life.

By recognizing those who have overcome insurmountable obstacles, we hope to facilitate healing, positive change, and the courage to share our challenging experiences with others, in order to inspire those around us to do the same. It is easier to feel hope when you no longer feel alone.

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The Decision to Donate Bone Stem Cells to a Complete Stranger, the “Golden Rule” and a Certain Level of Empathy by Matt Hoffman

The decision to donate to a complete stranger was one that followed the “Golden Rule” and a certain level of …

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Making It Through The Storm With Help From Strangers by Brian Kappler

Imagine falling from the sky and landing flat on your back with nothing to your name except for the clothes …

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I’m Very Proud Of My Dad, The Man With MS by Daniel Room

It’s funny how life throws obstacles our way and we have to “play the cards we are dealt.” Whether it’s …

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Until the Sun Shines By Kimberly Tanella

My story begins, or should I say ended on February 19, 2003—I remember because it was my dad’s birthday. It’s …

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Untitled 11 By: Candace Grande

Where to begin my story? From the beginning I suppose! When I was very young, I always remembered being sick. …

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“Hope Dies Last” by Adaria

Looking at me, most people would never know something is “wrong” with me. I will never forget one of the …

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“Excuse Me, Can You Tell Me Who I Am?” by: Nicole

Let’s start when I was 10. That’s when the black cloud first seemed to descend upon me. I was having …

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Erin By: Julia Smith

My story is simple. Girl meets girl. Girls become best friends. Girl gets sick. Girl loses girl forever. I know …

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I have three sons. Two of them are special needs children. Danny, my first son (who was 3 1/2 years …

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A typical day for Heather would start with her waking up waving goodbye to her sister Amber as she boarded …

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