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Pray…Hope…Learn to Laugh

I cannot guarantee that anyone’s life will change for the better just by learning to see life on both sides of the fence. Some people may try to live their lives balancing themselves on the fence, trying to figure out every side to every problem.

Some fear which side of the fence they may fall on to. What I have learned is that the fences in life are not visible to the human eye. Instead, they are hidden within daily problems and daily questions that require us to choose to stand on a side and continue on our way. The demands of this life are sometimes so intense that I will hear myself saying, “I have no time.” This phrase makes me aware of how much I have to live for when I keep finding ways to fill my daily calendar. We can find so much to influence us to opt for the bright side.

I have been on both sides of the fence. I have walked the walk as a young boy. I have attempted to balance myself on the picket fence, afraid of falling. I have looked at the fence, picturing a brick wall with no way to climb over to the other side. After 27 years of coming to terms with my MS, I refuse to believe that anything I set my heart on cannot be achieved. I have fallen and found a way to move on with my life. It is not an easy dance to learn, but I believe every step is worth it!

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