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Using My Best Friend’s Death as an Advantage By: Katherine Padron

Dedicated To: Gang affiliates, the young minded & people who feel alone or empty.

I’ve ran into all types of people, from the “fake” to the “wackest” to the “realest”. I’ve always been social had friends everywhere I went. After 18 years came to the conclusion that, the only “REAL” ones I had I messed up with. I was so busy trying to prove loyalty to the wrong ones I didn’t hesitate to appreciate the only ones who were actually here. God knows I didn’t do it with the wrong intentions..

R.I.P. Alexander Hernandez (Burger). You’ve taught me a lot. Even after death.

A lot of you look at me and think “wow she knows a lot of people” ,  some look up to me , some don’t like me some love me , i stayed loyal to being ME and had morals but NONE of you know the things I feel or how what really runs through my mind…… here’s a taste. To those who looked up to me, I wish I wouldn’t of been as reckless before, maybe I could of set a better example. Some of you laugh about it because I have too much to say….

While I unwind and express myself down to detail what are you doing ?
You listen to music,
Make fun of people,
Watch television
You unravel in pointless and ignorant things.

Everyone has a different way of being. I’m the type of person to analyze my past, my thoughts and anything that happens to pop into mind. I’m PRODUCTIVE, I build character and character? Takes you places where money can’t, while you sit criticizing everybody and their actions? I think of ways to make a difference. Yeah, I might waste my time writing or saying this over and over again BUT it will help somebody. Maybe not every one, you win some you lose some but as long as people sit back and think of what I say? It makes me feel like my time wasted? was worth it. That’s what I was put here for………..

I use my best friend’s death as an advantage ,I use to think I was the baddest ,regardless to who was in the room ,regardless to who claimed they were the “realest” ,regardless to how many people thought i wasn’t about anything. I knew I was and NOBODY could tell me otherwise. I lived to carry the title of the “truest.” What’s the point of proving yourself faithful to people who eventually fade? Snap out of the bubble you pursue to think is reality. Reality is ….. Your going to waste your time proving your self to people. Forget being “real” , Forget trying to have fight better than any one you hang around. Stop trying to be social. People get you in trouble. Unless you choose cautiously.

When you’re locked up in jail, you’re nothing but a story. While you sit in a cell , NONE of your friends will think of you when they wake up or go to sleep. Family? Yeah, they think of you but not as much as you think of your self. No-ONE stresses you more than yourself. Point? Look out for your own neck because if you don’t nobody is going to do it for you. Not everyone is as lucky as me and gets to sit here to tell the story.

Burger wasn’t lucky enough. He was JUST like me…Defended his friends , If there was a problem? He was the FIRST one to get in it. Always speaking his mind, the best friend anybody could ask for …Proving loyalty to those who he loved and causing corruption to those who didn’t like him. He also made the perfect enemy.

Anyone would want to be him; he was surrounded by too many people.
You would think he never felt alone, but he did. None of those people gave him the same treatment. They just loved him because he was himself.
Anyone who was in burgers shoes would have done the same thing.
If you had a clear shot at robbing somebody and walking away? You would do it too.
So to those who say he deserved to die? No he didn’t, you deserve a slap in the face !

No ones life is worth 1000 dollars, those $1000 that he got off that come up? Cost him his life. Point? When your dead, that money stayed here, it didn’t go with you. When your dead? AGAIN, your nothing but a story !

Stop chasing fame and publicity, Chase survival and pray you get blessed with ONE true person. While you’re always there for the world? No one is ever there for you. Burger is proof ; He was here for every one ,

You didn’t have where to sleep? He would sleep at a park with you. Didn’t have money? He would risk his ass to rob just for you. He was that type of person. Now who is helping him? Nobody ….

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